How to design a website in Photoshop

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25 thoughts on “How to design a website in Photoshop

  1. DreamPixelOfficial

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  2. comptonassjt

    when i choos my text in ps cs5 all i can see is the name of it, how do i get it to display a sample like yours, it would help me alot and il apreciate it if anyone knows how to do it, thanks

  3. Ozzurfer

    @serchmarc I would use kelby training. That’s the best I’ve seen, it’s online so you can do it whenever you feel like it and it’s pretty cheap.

  4. serchmarc

    @Ozzurfer thx man.i think i ll go to the academy and ask for prices ,time of learning,methos and decide later,cause like you said the info is out there,but time is necesary.i hopw is you have any recomendation about the program,for example academy A says WE teach with a program and academy B says with another program what academy i have to choose?whats the best program to be a good designer,im involved into automotive area,i want to design my page with alot of movement

  5. Ozzurfer

    @serchmarc well all the info is out there for free, you just have to look for it. It’s definitely easier, more convenient and faster to learn from a course you pay for (i.e. kelby training) but really it’s up to you. I’ve never paid for any training but I also know that I could be WAY better at websites than I am.

  6. serchmarc

    ey man ,do you recommend me to study web site design,i want to make a webpage for my business and i decided to study web design maybe the next month,but do you recommend me to pay to study this for 3 months course?or i can learn how to do it reading and searching info in the internet?

  7. chavezery09

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  8. gudtexan

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