How to Create an XML Data Feed File for Google Product Search Using PHP

8 thoughts on “How to Create an XML Data Feed File for Google Product Search Using PHP

  1. amylynns84

    I have the same question. I have an ebay store and have been racking my brain for a week trying to figure out how to submit my listings to google shopping. Very frustrating. email me if you figure it out

  2. CeramicBiscuit

    Do you know if this works for Amazon and eBay as well?

    This is the first time I’ve done something like this and I’ve been tasked with helping with the online portions of the sporting goods store I work at, creating a data feed is one of those things. Will an XML file for Amazon and eBay work or do I need to do a .txt file? Even then, I haven’t got those to work, either, I’m not sure what to do.

  3. tatata174

    Dear John,

    Your movie was so usfull for us.
    Now I am stuck with asp, I want to create data feed with xml file using asp.
    could you help me please?


  4. JohnMorrisVideo

    @SunWarmed I’m not sure about zazzle as I’ve never used it, but if it will let you create an external XML feed, then you could probably get it to work…

  5. SunWarmed

    Does this work for zazzle clients also?
    clients that have products on zazzle or some similar site?
    This was very interesting.

  6. rrad6783

    That sounds accurate. Thank you so much. I have been struggling with this for a few months now. Thanks again.

  7. JohnMorrisVideo


    To be clear, you’d like a video on how to create a spreadsheet of all your products for Google Product Search, how to convert that spreadsheet into a text file, and how to upload that file to GPS? Is that correct? If so, should be simple enough. Just let me know and I can work on it. Thanks!!

  8. rrad6783

    Great video! I am trying to follow the directions on the Google Merchant Center Help to create a data feed by saving it as a txt file. Could you do a video to show how to create a file through a spreadsheet and then how to upload it? Thanks

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