How to Create a Simple PHP Contact Form and Page for Your Website

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25 thoughts on “How to Create a Simple PHP Contact Form and Page for Your Website

  1. petrinastele54

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  2. DJVC1993

    doesn’t work for me…
    added like an object in html, looked like the site in video, but when i filled it in at my website, their was some pop-ups of chatgirls and sh*t.
    So something went wrong…. :s

  3. TheNerdyFreak

    I’d like to know how to make either a login and register system or how to make a “comment system”

    5/5 Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. petephillips7

    hey adam. i know you’re not taking request’s this time but it can’t hurt to ask. could you show us how to make image links, that have different images for the hover/down/active states in DW, rather than importing in Flash buttons. cheers!!

  5. iTsCoRYTiME

    Can you teach us how to do Captcha and how to use email validation?

    Thanks, I’m sure a LOT of people will appreciate it!

  6. petarcarsuperstar

    Adam you rock, few days ago i was tripin’ that u are the guy from the begining of time……you know? the guy with the apple… ;o)))))
    tnx for everything

  7. Gamer777777

    it would be cool if we could copy and paste all the website codes to our own websites instead of watching all the videos

  8. petephillips7

    Hi adam, cheers for the update.
    I gotta say, your video are quality and you are the funnier teacher/tutor out there. everyone else doing these vids are so half-assed and grumpy. keep up the good work!

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