How to create a CMS with PHP

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18 thoughts on “How to create a CMS with PHP

  1. kaeleon1111

    hi man I fixed it 🙂 instead of .php I have put .html :D:D but now it’s all right Thanks for good tutorials 🙂

  2. LDDCreations

    @nuhxx I’m not sure what part of the video your referring to, but if your talking about the HTML and CSS files, I didn’t talk about that part because it is irrelevant to this video.

    This series of videos were created to show people how to work with PHP classes and functions to create a CMS, and even though the CMS uses HTML and CSS to build the site, those languages aren’t used to build the actions of pulling and displaying database rows on the page.

  3. nuhxx

    are you really trying to teaching? If you drop/click faster even pause can not catch you and we learn better damn idiot.

  4. Ne0T3ch

    you dident learn me a shit i dont know where to start and i dont know how to setup a database so please make a better guide cuz im a noob and a learner

  5. gonzo191

    @GraphicAbility it either ever heard of equivocal words, data is known as a heterophone(words that have same spelling, DIFFERENT SOUND, same meaning)

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