How To Create 16:9 & HIGH DEFINITION Videos For Youtube! – PART 1 OF 4 – Ulead Video Studio

25 thoughts on “How To Create 16:9 & HIGH DEFINITION Videos For Youtube! – PART 1 OF 4 – Ulead Video Studio

  1. christheferal

    That would be because the audio was muted by YouTube, if you read the description or annotations, a link to the new video is there.

  2. olinselot

    Any advice on converting Flip Mino HD to Ulead Video Studio 11?
    I can convert and upload to youtube, but maintaining quality, what to convert to, and setting up wide screen is difficult. Help?

  3. Darkplanner7

    All of you with the WMV low resolution problem or missing profiles, you need to download Windows Media Encorder Series 9. Google it.

  4. officialbegis

    You’re just uploading 4:3 aspect ratio. To start with,You need to record the video in 16:9 aspect radio. then it’s will fit all the screen,and as You say, “fullscreen” 😉

  5. xIBOY3Rx

    ive made a video using ulead videostudio 10 and i wana know if you can help me and tell me how i could upload it too youtube, tnx

  6. ferrarieKita

    really i didn,t understand make HD movie for youtube useing ulead studio11,ur tutorial very hard to do,im so,sorry if my english not good

  7. fsxnoob

    I can make hd movies now, only it’s not full screen, i still get on both sides 2 black sides when i make and upload it on youtube, how do you make it real fullscreen?

  8. TheGrizzyTube

    I downloaded videos from VUZE but they are in a .MKV format does Ulead studios support this? or how do I convert them to WMV without losing quality?

  9. christheferal

    People who make more money back from the programs and believe that it’s a small price to pay when you consider how much money you get back. Lol.

    Also, $1000 for a screen recorder, what are you talking about? It’s $299 USD and as I said, I was lucky enough to win Video Studio – which is around $100 bucks.

  10. TomShloop2

    I dont win anything on external sites exsept CRACK COADS
    who pays 1,000$ for a screen recorder and editor!

  11. christheferal

    No, the screen RECORDER is Camtasia Studio – what wrong with buying it?

    The software is Video Studio – I won that.

  12. fsxnoob

    When i make a hd movie, it’s not in full screen, you see 2 black sides near it, do you know how to make it fullscreen hd?

  13. christheferal

    Just downloading the programs? Hmm, weird, are you sure it’s your computer and not your internet connection (I don’t know how tech-savvy you are, so please don’t take offense to my question)

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