How To Build Website Dreamweaver Tutorials – Padding Lesson 5

17 thoughts on “How To Build Website Dreamweaver Tutorials – Padding Lesson 5

  1. x209sfinestx

    At the beginning on 1:03 i do as you say but there is no option to align it to the right any help here?

  2. stalkers111

    For me the sell space always takes the same color ass the background from the box any way to change that?

  3. daCrime7

    Hi Alibaba! Thank you for you help in the previous lesson. My problem now is the cell space between the links bar and the banner, and between the banner and the two columns of the content. I mean, while in DW it looks normal, in Firefox there is a lot of space between them. I’v checked the CellSpace in the table properties and its set to 0. So how can I fix it? Thanks in advance.

  4. RyanTutorialzZ

    I have a problem, I’ve watched your dremawevaer tutorials from the start. But the drown/redy color at the left hand side shows up blue when i prewview it in Internet explorer. But in dreamweaver its the same as yours? :S

  5. asji1000

    how i can learn basic html and css in adobe dreamweaver cs4 plz give me any suggestion and i have a website its adobe dreamweaver cs4 wrote subject in urdu those are many lesson in urdu should i learn first function of dreamweavercs4 then can i learnt plz give me suggestion dear ali baba

  6. asji1000

    Ali u r a nice teacher i hope i can learn from your tutorial n im making a website in dreamweaver cs4 but i tried more to find the dreamweaver 8.0 but i did not but i will find it and ur tutorials so awesome nice excellent and best thanks very very much for sharing us dear ali

  7. rainbowsnow7596

    I know that’s a lot of stuff here but I just want to give you as much information about my problem as I can so you can help me… D=

  8. rainbowsnow7596

    please help me I really want to get my site up and running soon… I used to make my layout using the layout table and layout cell and I’m not familiar with how you make a layout using tables but your way seems more organised… and sometimes when I move a box some other boxes moves around and sometimes the boxes kind of extend itself when I type stuff in there… after it extend itself it make the boxes beside it smaller. cos you know the boxes I have beside the content box? They get smaller.

  9. rainbowsnow7596

    and another box on the other side of my content box for polls. But the problem I’m having is that my boxes are going to be a different colour from my bg and my poll box and game menu box aren’t going to be as long (in height) as the content box and I don’t want the boxes to look like they’re oversized. They aren’t going to be right beside each other so I made two extra columns so that I can separate the 3 boxes from each other and my website is going to take up the whole internet browser

  10. rainbowsnow7596

    Heya, so i was thinking that I should just start and redo my layout using your table layout way instead. So that it’ll be easier to manage my site. I’m going to make a helpsite for a game. It’s kind of like a series of games so it’s going to be a BIG website and I want to have links like pics,vids,forums,home,contact and about on top of the banner like yours and I want to have a box below the banner for my content a box beside my content box for all the different game under that series

  11. musician48195

    I cant even begin to tell you how grateful i am for this series your doing on dreamweaver. Very well done my friend. Im hoping to build a site for music tutorials and lessons. I’ll let you know when it’s ready so i can get some input from ya.

  12. JIPPIX94

    ma mums got me makin a dental practice website for work experience, and im not even gerrin paid……shocking

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