How to Build & Design a Website : How to Make Your Own Website

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25 thoughts on “How to Build & Design a Website : How to Make Your Own Website

  1. mpenniman

    I can’t help but snikker at his effort to speak professionally, still I’m all set to sit back and SFU. I guess that’s why its called expert village and not expert professional!

  2. camslammer1

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  4. bwh1889

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  5. TheRunerizer

    I am sorry.. But… F U C K Y O U! I really fucking didn’t ask for a frigen f a g to make a shi tty video of eating his balls. I asked to make a F U C K I N G site for F U C K I N G frEE! F U C K yourself!

  6. w33dman76888

    Thanks I found your videos helpful!
    Im working on designing my own website for my small business right now

  7. cryingdevil63

    hey fuck this,i mean really im not a hater or something but this guy is just talking I wanna actually see how you do it

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