How Much Should You Charge for a Website?

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25 thoughts on “How Much Should You Charge for a Website?

  1. Rikardiho

    Terrific info… got one question though. I’m unemployed and plan getting into this business (that includes design sites, flyers for say night clubs & business cards)
    I got a potential (& 1st) client whos a DJ and wants to market himself through the web & with biz cards. I know Photoshop, create nice layouts, dont know much Flash or programming but working on it, know Dreamweaver enough to make a basic site & upload it to the web. Question is, what should I charge? some feedback would be awesom

  2. mlwebco

    @derickamundo It all depends on the company you land a job with. When I was your age (I’m 34 now), my first job as a Web Master started at 21k (this was back in 97). So 30 to 45k isn’t bad. For someone let’s say with 3 to 4 years experience, 60-65k. With my experience, I’m pushing Creative Director level so that’s over 100k. I would say this, if you land a job lets say for 45k, you could stay there for a couple years, build your portfolio, then command 60-65k in a couple years.

  3. derickamundo

    hey man. im an aspiring graphic and web designer from northern california. im 21 and currently enrolled in college for visual communication and was curious…when i graduate and obtain my associates of science degree and land a job at a firm or company (maybe some freelancing down the line) what can i REALLY expect to make per year? my college estimates anywhere from 30-45K. whats your opinion and salary? you must be doing pretty good since you’ve been in the game since 97′ yeah? thx!

  4. rzuhler

    So i am creating my site for the first time, a pizza delivery service and i don’t know how much should i charge? Since i am not experience as yours are, but my work is adequate, should i go ahead and charge a similar fee like you? 75$ per hour and a minimum package fee? or $25 hourly fee? i think i will show you how it looks so that you can critique it. Would that be okay as well? I believe the value of my work is good but i don’t know how to charge as a beginner esp with small businesses.

  5. chrypton1

    Thank you Michael for this very educational video! I am getting started as a freelance web developer and I was unsure about my pricing for my first client. This video made things a lot clearer, but is seems that freelance prices are dynamic and must be sat at an individual level.

  6. mlwebco

    @VegaOmega23 a simple 5 page website that I speak about that I charge $2500 for normally takes about two weeks. If it takes longer than that, it’s not because of design or development time, it’s mainly because of time getting information from the client.

  7. VegaOmega23

    hello again, sorry this is my third question in like 10 minutes. I’m just finding your videos really interesting. you’re answering everything i’ve been wanting to know about breaking into this field.

    my question is… on average how long will a 5 page website take you? say you don’t have to design a new logo.

  8. mlwebco

    @TheFusionProject Good question. I normally just work it out with the client. I get a feel for how soon they want it and I set a date. I normally give myself 4 weeks for a simple website. I need time to research different things, play with different layouts, etc. About 6 to 8 weeks for a decent size website.

  9. TheFusionProject

    hey Mike, love your channel…

    This may be a silly question but…When you design a website for your clients, how much time do you give yourself to complete the work? Or does the client usually set the deadline?

  10. soundscapenyc

    Hi Michael, great video! I wanted to post a comment/question here, but it is WAY too long, lol. So, I just sent you a message via the contact page on your (awesome) blog! Hope to hear from you! All the best!

  11. shakaama

    I got my first paying client and he didn’t know what he wanted but he wants flash on his page too.

    I’m thinking $5k for the project, since he wants the flash. I looked around and an online company starts at $2k minimum with simple flash, i.e. sliding pictures. This client of mine wants a custom flash game on his site. But, no ecommerce. I don’t know what to say to him. I’m gonna meet up with him, but i don’t want to blow him out of the water. what should i do?

  12. mlwebco

    @oitsonlikedonkeykong Hey, I got that desk from a store called Plummers. Go to plummersfurniture (dot) com and click on “office furniture”, you’ll see it. 😉

  13. BigOnlineSuccess

    Great video. Based on my own experience, I would summarize by saying that as a graphic designer, your portfolio determines what you can charge. The more creative, unique, and beautiful your work is, the more people will be willing to pay. As a programmer, the more complex and unique the required code, the more you can charge. Thanks again for the great video.

  14. mlwebco

    If your designs are worth 5k + and you’re running into clients with a budget of $500. I would be refer them to template monster and have them purchase a template, and I’ll hlep them add and tweak the content. Basically, not much you can do with that price. I’m always willing to help people no matter their budget. Most of the time, I’ll point them in a direction to where they can get what they want for their price. But I won’t end up doing the work for anything less than my fees.

  15. PingPongProductionz

    $2500 May not seem much to the designer, but i have clients looking at $500 for their site with flash and everything. Any suggestions? my designs are worth $5,000+

  16. joseg008

    Just ran into this videos as doing some website research and this will help me big time. i am just starting and this has been a big question of mine. Thanks for taking time to give your answer on this subject…

  17. BobFromMarketinq

    Thanks for taking you time to do these videos. 🙂 I’m just getting startet, trying to earn a little extra as a side job before college, so I can use the advice…

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