HoloVizio 3D High-definition hits advertisement

10 thoughts on “HoloVizio 3D High-definition hits advertisement

  1. szabolcsszekacs

    i really hope, that this will hit main stream in some years… have been following the company for years, finger crossed.

  2. SmartK8

    Sure. For mere $50.000. Anyway, photo of that man is scary.. imagine.. it’s like looking through a window, and that man will look so real. I’m really looking forward for the zombie movies.

  3. zagyex

    could you upload the telepresence video where there is an actual 3d video of 2 people talking ? (its on indavideo already)

  4. ReikaiDemon

    Even though I’m just watching this as a secondhand video, the one with the man was really creepy, like he was in a display box or something.

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