High Stakes Intelligent Designing

25 thoughts on “High Stakes Intelligent Designing

  1. ErikusRaumo92

    LMAO!!!! this hafto be the way it happened..
    don’t worry god.. we got useto it… and I’m not a really good poker player my self so don’t feel bumped out 🙂

  2. thelordmemnoch

    @Gabumon54321 No, I actually looked at the gut shot straight. And of course I didn’t think the godly character was going to suck this bad at poker.

  3. lardo444

    @NonStampCollector EPIC is correct. you make the best videos, you are my new hero, this week.
    peace, lardo.

  4. DragonGreenFire

    A lot of the time when I’m on you tube and there is a 10 minet video I ushally end up saying it was a complete waiste of time. but this is one of the best videos on you tube!

  5. bobkaize

    Hear about referral codes? Not me until a week ago I made big buck from it with no sweat atall. Just typed the code FILM with fullTiltPoker and got $ 600 cash! Poker was new for me but now I play good cuz was easy to learn.

  6. SamonMarquis

    To NonStampCollector,

    You probably hear this a lot, but I want to specifically say this segment was brilliant. Any other joke I hear until the end of the day will pale in comparison to this past 10 minutes.

  7. Mikey239226

    I have to admit, the reaction to “I’ll beg and grovel to you on my knees” part
    was unexpected! (I wonder if I’m in trouble for having laughed?)
    Y’know… This COULD have happened.
    To test our faith.
    I think, though you’re trying to disprove the Bible, you’re actually giving it more credibility.
    Now whenever there’s something that doesn’t immediately make sense in the Bible, we can say God allowed satan to make things in a way that doesn’t make immediate sense.

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