Here in My Home (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

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24 thoughts on “Here in My Home (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

  1. pumabiru

    yasmin ahmad dalam keadaan kritikal sekarang ni selepas mengalami stroke …sama sama laa kita rakyat malaysia berdoa untuknya…

  2. harzim

    indeed it also move my heart but dis is mostly really make ppl cry for the 1 have hard time living by he or her self but acctually they r not

  3. harzim

    I hope in Malaysia will be no more racist…

    I really upset when i saw sum1 type or sayin other race is…. well u know wat i mean

  4. shazmekabii

    i definitely agree. sometimes, we juz fail 2 remind ourselves wat gets us 2gether instead of pouring salt on de racist wound dat is widening in our country. I love malaysia pls appreciate de unity dat we hav treasure for such a long time..pls dun let de history repeat for careless mistakes. ..we r strong 2gether n crash when we r apart

  5. maisegoh

    this is actually something i’m proud to admit that i’m a malaysian…. we are far too long and denied of this unity. so pls watch this and take their words for it… spatting racial comments towards each other will just flame the already burning pit… ppl in the upper seat..pls let us unite. pls dont use race and religion to part us…..

  6. yrazlan

    great song very contemprary(right spellin?).Keep it up guys, you all doing more for unity than the politicians.

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