Handwriting flash cs3 tutorial

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24 thoughts on “Handwriting flash cs3 tutorial

  1. wrencaulfield

    Why the hell can’t I get F6 to create a new keyframe without having to first use the mouse to select the next empty frame first?? Can someone help me out?

  2. melovesdoritos

    u didnt brake the letters so dont blame him. U need to take the whole text and brake it apart and then brake it apart AGAIN

  3. Niko1917

    Sorry I didn’t hit ‘ctrl b’ twice at the beginning :). How am i supposed to export it? for exaple if i want to use it with adobe premiere? I don’t need the white background and when I play it some spots are visible around the word.

  4. Niko1917

    Hi! when I pass with the eraser tool over the letter, it disappears but the appears again. It does not delete practically. Why’s that?

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