Graphic Design Career Tips : Best Graphic Design Tools

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20 thoughts on “Graphic Design Career Tips : Best Graphic Design Tools

  1. Pindation

    How would i get into the graphic design business , im 16 so i want to get a job in graphic design ???? any advise will be awesome , i live in the UK BTW .

  2. BPR0421

    @poisonon yea i agree now a days with the technology n’ new ways to do stuf and wel prety mutch the whol buisnes world changed music, PHONES, COMPUTERS, cars. . . yes some things stil stayd the same but new ideas are important! 😀

  3. BPR0421

    a good substutute for photoshop is the gimp programs ther like exsactly the same and gimp is free! 😀

  4. Gdotldotjdot

    it depends what part of the industry you want to go into, if you are unsure what it is that you want to go into, then try getting onto a course that offers teachings into most design programs. The 3 main programs i use are Adobe Photoshop (for handling and editing images) Adobe illustrator (for illustrations, among many other things) and Adobe inDesign (for print work). The Adobe suite is a must have, (for me anyway) hope this helped =)

  5. catherinemichele

    Hi I’m at the very bottom of the graphic design ladder! Can you recommend which of these programmes in your opinion would be the best starting point for me to study? Introductory dreamweaver, photoshop, quark or flash courses are available to me locally and I’m not sure which one would be best, thanks for your help! x cat

  6. poisonon

    @TheVerticious i already told that older designers should do supervizing , giving guidance … for this they should use theyre experience , helping avoid mistakes … but creativity it will alwais come better from fresh minds … because the older minds they already have some point of view created , and this cover theyre eyes of mind for new fresh ideeas

  7. TheVerticious

    @poisonon I agree with young, fresh ideas. But experts or older designers are the people who know the best because they’ve seen and experienced so much. You don’t really know what you’re talking about, no offense.

  8. poisonon

    this guy is to old in my opinion to do graphic design … his mind is already of the past … maybe should do something else right now , maybe supervizor … but we need fresh mind in the field … i also don`t hope to do forever design … i wil maybe build my own business … and hire younger designer … fresh mind …


    I don’t believe the advice given here is very good. I would suggest you look for more current and topical advice that fits today’s business and graphic design environment.

  10. MisterBennigan

    This guy is using a bright yellow starburst with the word ‘FREE’ in bright red in the middle of it! It’s 2010 not 1988. Credibility fail.

  11. TheRealSup

    need some1 for flash with action script? corel drawx4, premierepro as well?:) looking for a part-time job.almost completing my diploma in graphic design .

  12. BananaJones85

    @sarakaster Yeah, the guy’s doing some clicks on that thing for an interview. That definitely means he’s doing his everyday work with it… I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with the production team saying “Let’s use this modern shiny LCD-Thingy for this. Nobody wants to see your old CRT-Display.”
    And oh yeah, I’m being sarcastic…

  13. gevelegian

    Yeah of course but… it helped me calibrate my screen, though at most big prints i usually printed a smaller sample before and worked great 🙂

  14. RingOfFire1988

    he does print work. it doesnt matter what kind of pretty screen you get. the colours will always look slightly different on every one of them. some are closer to the print colour than others, but in the end you need to check it by printing anyway.

  15. sarakaster

    the guy is working on a cheap hp lcd…great, ever heard of hardware-calibration? softproof? get an eizo man and get serios…

  16. SpyKid197

    Are you currently running Cam-Tool because It is one of the best softwares for Graphic Designs: Graphic Products North America: They outbeat every other company out there. Give them a call… 🙂

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