Google’s Penguin and Panda Wreak Havoc Interview with Scott Darrohn, fishbat

Unless you’ve been on vacation for awhile than more than likely you are already aware of the Google algorithm “Penguin and Panda” updates that took affect a few months back. To get a sense for the size and scope and the real-world impact of the new changes and what Matt Cutt’s at Google had to say about future updates, I reached out to Scott Darrohn, COO fishbat.

In this five minute interview we learn that:

* Content is still and will always be king.
* Although this is not earth shattering news to most Web professionals Google’s new Penguin and Panda updates are different
* Small and large companies including thousands of Web professionals and their customers including those that have “played by the rules” are being negatively impacted
* Key word domains are included in the negative results mix
* The stakes are high and the results have been devastating for quite a few businesses including some Fortune 500’s
* What you need to be aware of in the months to come.

According to the fishbat press release Google is planning on releasing their new updates very soon and those companies that invested time into their social media campaign should really bog down and understand the fundamentals of their SEO strategy and social networking to avoid the Google Smack down.

Most of us in the social media marketing game know that buying links and manipulating the internet for advertising purposes is a no-no advocated from Google. What most do not realize is that social media platforms are potentially immune from the updates that are imminent. As reported on Site Reference, Cutts himself sated that,

“Google can only use social signals from Open Graph sources. It can’t crawl Facebook pages to see who is reputable, reliable or has real world impact as a brand has on those platforms … [Twitter is also] a private service. If Twitter wants to suspend someone’s service, they can. Google was able to crawl Twitter until its deal ended, and Google was blocked from crawling those pages for 1.5 months. As such, Google is cautious about using that as a signal – Twitter can shut it off at any time.”

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