Google Developer Day Sydney – Aaron Boodman

14 thoughts on “Google Developer Day Sydney – Aaron Boodman

  1. avochief

    I agree!

    I have never come across any else like Aaron. His not only a great programmer but a visionary as well. which is a unique combination. Also to think we had the privilege of seeing Aaron work in the early stages on what is only now been identified as AJAX and Web 2.0 technologies.

    Great presentation! Its great to see you still have the same zeal for techonology as when you were a “youngpup”.

  2. roseeliff

    Aaron Boodman is one of the single most brilliant people I’ve known in my lifetime. I worked with him in 2000-2001 and was so impressed with the extent of him as a person and as a professional. Great to see him expounding on his work with such passion. Good on ya, Aaron!

  3. waynehoggett

    Great presentation. I can’t wait to start working with Google Gears. I am a network administrator and part-time web application developer that commonly gets asked: “What do we do if our internet goes down?” I used to say, not much, but soon I will be able to say: “Just keep working…”

  4. chambross

    You talk so fast!…..

    First rule when you talk in front of people:

    Don’t mention about being nervous cause usually people will not realize that…. btw, nice presentation!

  5. shinypup

    I love the innovative stuff Google is constantly doing!

    To Aaron Boodman. I think you did a great job giving your presentation!

  6. DudeParallel

    Love Google Gears, it has so much potential.
    I will be starting on doing some projects with it tomorrow, just learning some more of the functionality and so on.
    If only web browsers implemented these ideas earlier…instead of the mess we have now 😐

  7. prathapnirmal

    Hey Aaron,
    Can you share the code for the offline presentation that you used? It will give us a good start.

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