Google Chrome Beta: Google Showing their love for Video

Google announced today via their Chromium dev blog that they’ve released a new Chrome Beta today with some shiny new features! One of which being Track Support for HTML5 Based Video! What’s Track Support? Basically it’s a standardized HTML5 element for adding captions to HTML5 video, making Closed Captioning of videos implementing HTML5 streaming much easier!

Some other big goodies that came with this release is the PeerConnection API, which allows web developers to implement real-time video and audio calls without needing a plugin to stream the content (Aka all through Javascript and HTML5!)

Finally, they’ve added the MediaSource API, which monitors network usage and stability and updates the video stream to those environmental conditions to keep the video at a decent quality and minimize buffering and slow startup times.

Are you excited to get your hands on this technology? What kind of ideas are floating out there? Discuss in the comments below!

And for a more indepth look at this awesome new technology, head on over to the Chromium Dev Blog and check out their post!

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