GIMP tutorial: Glossy Buttons Part 1

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25 thoughts on “GIMP tutorial: Glossy Buttons Part 1

  1. videmiatrix

    nice tuto but your voice is smashing like you eating a bubble gum do you know fot your next tuto speack slowly and clearely thanks for all the world and good job

  2. molemanstudios

    Hm, kay, i didn’t know that.. sry.. ^^
    And btw. you can download Windows Skins that look like Mac OS, just google it. And if you wanna have a Docklet: RocketDock. It’s great. I use it, too, and now i have no more Icons on my Desktop.

  3. kirax117

    hmmmmmmmm smart ass i know the differences between a pc and mac. he made this video over a year ago and back then he had a pc

  4. moemin

    Great Video , Thanks , And BTW , Everytime I Watch One Of Your GIMP Tutorial I Notice You Always Use Blue 😀

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