garrys mod dismemberment 1.9 gore fun HD

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14 thoughts on “garrys mod dismemberment 1.9 gore fun HD

  1. pokykid01

    Oh, wow. I feel Dumb now. I have that map but never thought of using the dismamberment mod with it.

  2. JimTheMingebag

    I used to do the same thing so much lol. That dismemberment mod was so buggy back then though this is a newer version.

  3. Bane33333

    damn you lucky,i did download pack and folow readme but it will not work i have map chaingun and knife but npc wont get ripped..PLEASE help me!!

  4. purekevlar

    download dismemberment mod 1.9 and read the readme it tells you want to type in console in it.

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