Funeral Home Web Site Design

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3 thoughts on “Funeral Home Web Site Design

  1. funerallady1954

    I saw the webinar and I was literally blown away. I think the problem we have is that Funeral One made it clear to all of us that we must change and that our families just want more. Without a doubt, what they showed us was much different than what we are used to, but probably where we all need to be. If we don’t support change as an industry, our families are going to go somewhere else. Maybe Funeral One is a little ahead of our profession, but right where our families want us to be…

  2. kimstacey1

    Say, Rob – nice little video!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to review funeralOne’s newest platform! You’ve made some really interesting points – and everything said will only improve what’s currently available from all website development companies for funeral home owners…and that’s what it’s all about. Excellence in design and functionality…and suitability!

    Thanks again, Rob. I value your opinion, as do so many!

  3. WattsFuneralHomes

    I think it is kind of sad to charge a family $8000.00 to $10,000.00 for a funeral and then make them pay for the obit to stay online. It also puzzles me why your have to pay for the site annualy and yet they still take a portion of what you make
    from each family that pays for webhosting.
    The final question I have is this what happens if a families signs up for life time hosting and down the road you decide not to us FuneralOne anymore.
    When the tribut goes away can the family then sue you?

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