Front End Web Developer Interview with Jonathan Worent

With the goal of better understanding and reporting on the roles and responsibilities and the skills required for Web developers we reached out to Jonathan Worent, member and Front End Web Developer at Simantel for his perspective.

Web Developers are masters at optimizing web site structure and interactivity. They use database tools and custom applications to enable the site to deliver the highest quality experience to the user. Web Developers that work for small business organizations wear multiple hats. They may be responsible for a wide of variety of task that include some aspects of Web design and Web business strategies. In larger organizations Web developers may have a narrower focus with specialties that include front end or back end Web development. Front End Developers for example focuses on client side technologies including HTML, CSS and JavScript that are oriented to presentation logic of a Website. Back end Developers for example, focuses on programming the data and business logic functionality.

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