Flexible Web Page Layout in Dreamweaver

24 thoughts on “Flexible Web Page Layout in Dreamweaver

  1. robertvideo

    hello clown did ANYONE every teach you how to SAVE a document and TITLE IT?
    and you call yourself a teacher?

  2. JeKitten

    Thank u so much Phil am learning about web designing making diploma but ur way is much easier thank u so much:)

  3. boozeguzzla

    Finally a CS4 tut which doesnt use stupid tables, AP divs and templates..
    Do you have more videos!!??

  4. ichu01

    Greetings from India ! and congratulations on your fantastic skills. I am hopeful now to learn to design liquid webpage. Would you be kind enough to suggest your other video tutorials which can also help me learn to insert images and text using tables and div
    Kindly respond and help.
    Thanks a ton

  5. tirathmistry

    Awesome video tutorial rrphillips
    Very helpful & useful tutorial of your flexible div layout tutorial
    I learn a lot
    Thanks so much for uploading Dreamweaver div layout tutorial
    Really div web page layout is lighter then table base layout
    & it open very fast compare to table base layout
    Thanks so much rrphillips for your kind effort for making powerful
    & useful tutorial for us . God bless you rrphillips. your tutorial is so much valuable for us.Please upload your more tutorial video for us

  6. trodmi

    Thank you for your answer. Can you tell us what export settings you used, because this great. Maybe you could make a video on this.

  7. rrphillips

    I use Camtasia Studio 6 for recording and post-production to create the zoom and pan effects and editing.

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