First New Macbook Pro Unboxing at 944 Media

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20 thoughts on “First New Macbook Pro Unboxing at 944 Media

  1. hilariousfilms

    “Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!” at the beginning. “Oh, it’s not that cool.”


  2. jmccolgan1

    Not a good unboxing at all. Too many distractions. I don’t know why you done this in a room with people who by the sounds of it are anti-apple.

  3. KinKyIndaPinKy

    Umm no wrong again mine is way tighter and alot of people would care. You all are just jealous of my perfect macbook. Go ahead hate on me all you want. But in the end it doesn’t matter my computer owns and thats what really matters. Hate it all up I dont care I got the better piece of machinery.

  4. pillow135

    KinKylndaPinKy is a loser alright. What a douche bag lol My 2008 Pro beats your 2009 Pro? Who gives a fuck. His is way tighter.

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