Fireworks CS4 New Features: Prototying a Web Design (

17 thoughts on “Fireworks CS4 New Features: Prototying a Web Design (

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  2. hornstrum

    Fireworks CS4 can export to HTML, CSS and PDF. Each of these has its advantages but after using Fireworks Studio 8 for years, I can attest to having export to CSS a major plus even ignoring all of the other new features exclusive to CS4. If you have some aversion to using Dreamweaver, then don’t get turned on about Fireworks for they need each other.

  3. makavelius1996

    hi i was wondering can you give me some advice, i am thinking of doing a ciw course certified in web design have you heard of this course and is it any good? also do you find there is a good living in doing web design thanks chris

  4. jjbyrd02

    I’m pretty sure the people who say these programs suck are just pissed cuz they dont know how to use them in a productive manner.

    In turn, what really would suck is to be one of those people hahaha

    Excellent tutorial for the noob all the way to those who have used these products for a long time.

  5. liquidplastic62

    Learn to code in XHTML, CSS and get Fireworks CS3 +
    You really don’t need anything else.
    Forget Dreamweaver

  6. solorenergy

    Actually this is really awesome. As a web graphics designer that works in Photoshop creating mocked web pages everyday, Fireworks is just what any web graphics designer will want to use. The resizing functions sold me, try doing that with rounded shapes in Photoshop – it will distort the corners, and in this field speed and accuracy are critical.

  7. redfoxarts

    why in the hell that whenever I try to edit my photoshop based html (weblayout) in fireworks the my graphics gotten worst!!! wtf!

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