Epica – Design Your Universe

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24 thoughts on “Epica – Design Your Universe

  1. Wheeburger

    @DaveGuyStuff16 While Nightwish has nothing to do with the creation of Epica, Simone was inspired to become a singer by listening to nightwish when she was 10.

  2. MissOneDayFly

    I’ve been to a concert a few weeks back and that bass moment on 2:40, 2:56 etc is fantastic! You hardly hear it now, but live (or with a good audio system) it gives you goosebumps. And broken speakers if you play it too loud in your car 😛

  3. sofenof

    wouw,i almost cried for this song awesomess,i should really by their CD,as soon i get extra money i will.I will support epica’s awesomess.

  4. oceansoul02

    awesome… i never was a great fan of Epica, most songs sound way boring, for me. but i got really impressed about this one, it’s so powerful. and of course, simones voice sounds more angelical than ever!

  5. DaveGuyStuff16

    a), Developmentally challenged much? You can’t seem to put together a sentence, let alone present an opinion.
    b), Epica was formed out of Jansen leaving After Forever, and was named after the Kamelot album of the same name. Nightwish has NOTHING to do with Epica.

  6. smokey123465

    @janmaomuriano epica was created cuz of nightwishthe 1 with tarja try listening to nemo bye nightwish or over the hills and far away

  7. AnycLove

    I love how this bombastic song suddenly just turns all soft and it’s just the piano and Simone’s whispering… It’s the perfect ending of this song, and also of this amazing album.

  8. darknight15100

    They are beautiful like nightwish x 100000000 they are consistent with their sound and dont change it. However. I have liked Nightwish longer. But this is beautiful and the guitar solos are masterpeices.

  9. summitgoalie09

    i think she is better than Tarja (don’t pull the trigger yet) just because when I hear her live it’s concistant. tarja sometimes makes me turn her parts down.

  10. othervision

    Yep … unlike the nightwish, Mark said he wanted the lyric style of Simone who was inspired by Tarja that forced this style

  11. musicalkaratekid

    Im so grateful to have this song (and album) on my ipod,because that means i can listen to it unstoppable amount of time. such a beautiful song:)

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