EMC on Content Management for SharePoint

12 thoughts on “EMC on Content Management for SharePoint

  1. ltshaw711

    Well certainly the shirt could be a critical factor. 🙂 Not sure that I would describe it as a “kludge” given how important this can be but you make an excellent point in that getting down to one repository is the ultimate, best solution. Having to manage multiple systems can never be as clean as a single system. But since SharePoint is so popular and has proliferated so much there is little avoiding the need to have an ECM solution like Documentum to enhance it.

  2. christow999

    You’re right, Sharepoint is, or will be, a nightmare for organisations that don’t have a good understanding of and management practices for EDRMS. But this sounds like a kludge to get round the another kludge (Sharepoint). Why not implement a nice cleancut solution like Alfresco to remove the Sharepoint datastore completely and solve the problem it creates rather than compounding it by duplicating the datastore. 🙁 Or, maybe I just don’t like your shirt.

  3. RobinMajumdar

    Thanks for this straightforward and not too commercial overview of MOSS integration with Documentum. 🙂

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