Elysian Shadows Revolution: Episode 2 Part 7

25 thoughts on “Elysian Shadows Revolution: Episode 2 Part 7

  1. Austink98

    Ive wacthed all of the videos on your channel. ive gottengood tips on where to start on game making.im kinda new to this and this really helped. and plus i subscribed

  2. waypastthat

    Thanks for the help. I already know of W3Schools, I just don’t know PHP because I really don’t take any interest in that sort of stuff any more.

  3. CheesyBerger

    @sk8t3rforever You don’t have to be a geek or a nerd to be a programmer. I skate and program and I’m pretty sure I’m not a nerd. I got a video of myself skating if you want proof, I guess.

  4. Neso906


    W3Schools, my friend.

    It’s how I learn MySQL and PHP in a few days 🙂
    A book is always better, though.

  5. sk8t3rforever

    your videos are awsome! Im 13 myself and want to be a programmer/ coder :D. And no im not a “GEEK”/”NERD” , Apparently, im actully somewhat popular…. It just all seems so interesting 😀

  6. Z3r0XoL

    its really annoying to not have a level editor for my engine lol, now i have insight in how much it matters 😛

  7. Nico0020

    I had been waiting for a new set of videos forever. The DC homebrew scene may be pretty limited now, but this project beats most everything we have had in the past. Keep up the good work!

  8. ItsSoFuckingEasy

    Saw each and every one of the revolution videos, really glad you’re back in business.


  9. Kosake82

    And yet another smartass! And yet they have many things in common.

    1. “I don’t know anything about your project but here is my ‘constructive criticism/suggestion’ anyway.”
    2. “You can do it with RPGMaker/other engine/tool ect. in a fraction of the time.”
    3. “You gotta make PROFIT!!! Oh, you won’t? Nah, I’m not interested anymore.”

    Is it coincidence? I am the only one who notices that? And where the heck do this wiseasses come from?

  10. TheAmazingArce

    Actually, before I posted and called you an “idiot,” I checked your channel and saw that you were not subscribed. Had you been, I probably would have given you a nicer, more explanatory answer–but you’re not, so I took you as being a hostile non-supporter.

    Undergrads? I haven’t even graduated highschool.

    As for “trying to help,” it’s not quite our fault that your post came off as completely condescending.

  11. SlowBurn15

    Peter should have come in after Kendall and been like “WTF WHAT HAPPENED TO MY NEW PLATFORM FOR THE GAME !” Then Kendall should have walked in eating the celery. XD

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