Elysian Shadows Revolution: Episode 2 Part 6

24 thoughts on “Elysian Shadows Revolution: Episode 2 Part 6

  1. djsotos

    Kendall has gotten more lively in the last videos. That`s good 😛 She seemed kinda “down” in the previous ones.

  2. GyroVorbis

    @keithgarry, there is always a per-pixel method. And yeah, it’s pretty unfeasible. OBB collision (in some manner) is pretty much the most exact collision methods used in the gaming industry today. Then finding the POINT OF CONTACT from OBB collisions is one step above that, which is usually only used for physics engines.

  3. keithgarry

    That’s really cool. I’m assuming there are more “expensive” ways to program the collision but aren’t feasible due to PSP and DC limitations(or maybe in the purview of games programming all together..)?

  4. GyroVorbis

    Exactly. In one more frame, it will become either point on edge or edge on point, and the POC will be moleculary different. Not even worth considering.

  5. trufun202

    Ha, sweet – I see my Vortella model on your PixelCon poster. That rocks, dude – thanks for the shoutout. XD Fan-friggin’-tastic episode!

  6. Corolido

    I noticed that the weird colision sistem is going to be one of the differenyial in the game, am I wrong?

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