Elysian Shadows Revolution: Episode 2 Part 5

25 thoughts on “Elysian Shadows Revolution: Episode 2 Part 5

  1. butterfligh

    baaaam, great song on the piano… this gives so much atmosphere, i almost saw the game! 😉 keep up that great work….

  2. GyroVorbis

    @CheesyBerger: I don’t pay any heed to those people. We make these videos for ourselves. Our style, content, and direction go in whichever direction we wish to take them. Elysian Shadows and the Adventures in Game Development have always been about pursuing something that we were passionate about and loved to do. We are true to ourselves. Naysaying subscribers can keep bitching, but it goes in one ear and right out the other.

  3. CheesyBerger

    idk why people are giving you crap about crawling on the floor during the song, I thought it was funny and lightened an otherwise tense moment. Also, the song and piano playing were both excellent.

  4. atre89

    is that falco acting like a snake at 3:44? I watched kendall play her song 20 times til I noticed you there man..

  5. gigijaponezu

    I didnt understood a shit from what she was trying to say until i saw Marcel ingame….
    but u know wha.. I love her piano music!

    P.S. What the hell were u doin crowling on the flour? Is that
    your way of expresing creativity? Or a who knows wha mental

  6. GamesLitUp

    Falco what were you doing while Kendall was playing the piano? LoL. Also this game will probally become Indy Game of the Year. Just look at Cave Story.

  7. ajk321

    that guy that made that rant video is probably sucking his own dick now xD you guys just made a badass framework for 3 different machines, and it seems bloody awesome 😀 lets see that so called “Genius” do that xD

  8. skwerlykun

    That was an eargasm. I really hope the OST is released in MP3 format without having to “record it from the radio” as it were

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