Eclipse Day at the Googleplex: Eclipse at Ebay

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12 thoughts on “Eclipse Day at the Googleplex: Eclipse at Ebay

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  6. ericjain

    This talk has some interesting information on Ebay’s code base. Basically it’s (almost) all done in Java, even generating pages and style sheets. The talk mentions (briefly) some in-house Eclipse plug-ins that are used to assist development e.g. by generating code or running code without having to go through deployment cycles. The information presented in this talk can also be found (with some additional detail) on developerWorks (Google for os-eclipse-ebay1 and os-eclipse-ebay2).

  7. zachleat

    Dude, what? You replaced CSS with Java, but wrapped JavaScript with Java? That’s not consistent. If you say you JavaScript + Java, then you’d have to say CSS + Java, or vice versa.

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