Drupal Themes-A Tutorial Change Your Theme

11 thoughts on “Drupal Themes-A Tutorial Change Your Theme

  1. Sokarr6

    Every time you say ‘backslash’ as part of the web URL, I die a little inside.

    Seriously though, considering that you are claiming to be a professional IT service, it really makes you sound unintelligent.

  2. hannyselbak

    dude you are really good at making instructional videos. i wish you made one for every topic i was ever interested in. maybe you can make on for training tigers??? pretty please?!?!

  3. tnanek

    The recommended way of adding a module and/or a theme to a Drupal site is to add it to the /drupal-6.x/sites/all/modules or the /drupal-6.x/sites/all/themes directories (you have to make them there after you get Drupal installed) You can read up on this likely in the text file stored at /drupal-6.x/sites/all folder.

    If you’re using the multisite feature, you may consider putting them in that specific sites folder (where your settings.php file is, you can have a themes and modules folders there)

  4. couchpotatoinc

    Yes, if a user or role has permission to select different theme under system module.

    Whoever has the main admin account (the first account created when installing drupal) can create a custom role with permission to access administration pages and change theme. These can be found under Admin > User Management > Roles and Admin > User Management > Permissions

  5. jsmxwll

    Just thought it’s worth mentioning that 7zip will work just as well as winrar. Good video, very informational. -Max

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