Drupal CMS Slideshows Made Easy

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4 thoughts on “Drupal CMS Slideshows Made Easy

  1. SwitchRich

    Very nice indeed. I’m assuming that a custom-built module is being used here to implement the slideshow rather than something like the views slideshow module.

  2. bboybram

    I want to make list like 0:57 and then when you click on the picture it brings you to another page where you got more details about the product.

    Can someone give me a module which is able to do this

    *sorry for my bad english


    Did you have problems with getting the last image thumbnail to display when implementing the j-carousel plug-in? If so could you provide me with insight explaining how you fixed this glitch and got the last picture thumbnail to show up. I think that it is a glitch because when I use galleria by itself I don’t have any issue with this. Thanks for your help.

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