Dreamweaver Tutorial – Create a basic Webpage

19 thoughts on “Dreamweaver Tutorial – Create a basic Webpage

  1. harvestcreative

    Do you know how can I set background image in the table. I am using dreamweaver cs4. when you will click on the table there is option css and from there you can change bg colour but not picture. Please help me.

  2. kidcanvas25

    If you don’t comprehend the basics u cannot expect Dream weaver to teach you let alone show you within the tutorials. It took me 2 1/2 years to down pact the book. look at CSS/html teach yourself one hour a day. You cannot reap good creative work unless you’ve undergone painstakingly the task of slowly grasping knowledge within it’s completion!

  3. kidcanvas25

    Ha hahahah, papi the reason why you don’t understand how to make the navigational tool bar and stuff of the nature is because Dream weaver is an arsenal that assists you in web development.

  4. iia33ii

    thanks lol that just made me think that i should make a plan cos ive just been rushing in doing what ever pops in my head and it looks nasty also i like your heading with buttons on the pic im gonna use a simelar techniqe or however its spelt

  5. wkriski

    great tutorial. I don’t agree with benben808. people pay for software AND pay to learn how to use it all the time. Businesses put out free content in the hopes that people will pay for more information. Very common business practice!

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