Dreamweaver Tutorial – 1. Getting Started

10 thoughts on “Dreamweaver Tutorial – 1. Getting Started

  1. snishanths

    I created the website on my computer. Save the HTML file in dreamweaver and open it to display.

  2. roozbeh12

    Hi there, I have a design on photoshop and wanted to import it to dreamweaver! I know up to a level about dreamweaver but i need help about something! everytime i link the buttons on my home page to other pages of my website, there are gaps that s been created betwen images and buttons and i don’t know why?!? i tried the same thing with other site layout/projects & and the same thing happens all the time! i have previwed the site on the browser and i could see the gaps. could you please help me?

  3. zingodudette123

    Helpful! I have the following questions –

    Is this being done on a real website?
    How do you display this on Mozilla?
    Don’t you need a hosting? And wouldn’t that cost money?
    And how can I apply this?

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