Dreamweaver CS3: The Learning series (Part 6) Navigation

6 thoughts on “Dreamweaver CS3: The Learning series (Part 6) Navigation

  1. yorkermiles

    I am going to the website download page to get the code(vertiNavi2) for turning the sidebar a different colour and to add the float and seperate cells or tables to the sidebar 1 contents section but there is no way of determning from this video where the copied code is actually pasted to,I have tried to paste it everywhere but i cant get the same brown menu box like on this video,please help,I am stuck.

  2. indignaditostoy

    Ooops!! I want to say I’m sorry!! This tutorial KEEPS ON BEING perfect, and it has helped me a lot with Dreamweaver and CSS. I just paid more attention and I could do it!! Thanks to WideWorldOfWebDesign for this!! Greetings and sorry again!! P.S.: I learn part 10, now!! 🙂

  3. indignaditostoy

    Everything was too good to be real… This tutorial was perfect until the moment you say “and I’m going to insert my block of code that I stored previously”… You know how you did it previously, but I don’t… 🙁 Thanks anyway, but from here I couldn’t follow anymore… 🙁

  4. welshdragon2008

    ok got the vertnav div.

    but now my sidebar is covering my banner. how do i get it off my banner and back to where it should be?

    and lastly for now… my ‘disply/ block’ is not giving me any result. so i dont have any buttons. any suggestions?


  5. welshdragon2008

    well i listened again to your tutorial and i now understand about your vertnav thingy. but the vertnav id is not in my ‘style.css’ panel as it is in yours. why?

  6. welshdragon2008

    hya im in the process of following all ur lessons. At the moment im trying to understand the ‘vertnav’ thingy. how do i find it? or to i simply type it into my ul brackets?

    i dont get it at all. as im new to dreamweaver and am learning CSS from u.


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