Dreamweaver CS3: The Learning series (Part 14) Headings

4 thoughts on “Dreamweaver CS3: The Learning series (Part 14) Headings

  1. CharlieKirkFilm

    I know for a fact it’s technically possible, although there is a lot of work involved.. So copyright-wise, couldn’t you just buy a license of those fonts for your server, on my dedi and on my vps, i have only very few, but on my shared hosting, the host bought quite a lot to use freely. I haven’t heard about the special software, whats that about?

  2. wideworldofwebdesign

    It’s a good question, but it’s a copyright issue since you’re only licenced to use Fonts on your own computer and not distribute them. Also, from a technical standpoint it doesn’t work since web pages can only read fonts from the local computer … except in IE which has a special font format that can be read from the server, but you need special software to convert the font to that format which will not allow copyrighted fonts to be converted.

  3. ShermerIllinois

    Thanks. These videos have been a great help. I code by hand w/ EditPlus and haven’t used Dreamweaver since 1998, but I’ve been brushing up on DW mainly to save keystrokes. (PgUp/PgDown/Crtl+F looking for class names and selectors gets old really fast :))

    I saw Robert Scoble’s interview with Kenneth Berger (Dreamweaver product manager) a few months ago and figured I would give it another shot. Looks good so far.

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