Dreamweaver CS3 – The Basics

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25 thoughts on “Dreamweaver CS3 – The Basics

  1. bro589

    @matiasbackman you dont need to buy a domain unless the domain that you want to use is already used and is up for sale, otherwise you can just make up your own domain. but you do need to buy a hosting service, like on a server. i am pretty sure that you can host your website on your own computer but i dont know how thats done. hope that that answers your question

  2. xbreedofevilx

    @serhad95 First of all, it was renamed because Adobe bought Macromedia. MD 8 is an old version and is sort of primitive, but it fullfills basic needs of making a web-site while CS 4, being released recently, has a lot of new material, fancy options etc. CS4 is just a progression of MD 8. Same story with Macromedia Flash and Adobe Flash

  3. hliasleventis

    hello . nice tutorial but i got a problem . When im doing the settings with the flash button ( time 3.05 at the tutorial ) and i click apply i get this error : button1.swf is an invalid filename . please enter a different name . I tried some different names but still the same . Any ideas whats the problem ?

  4. serhad95

    hi can any1 tell me pls what is diffrent between macromedia dreamweaver 8 and dreamweaver cs4 ? it seem same to me … pls let me know if any1 know about them private message me pls thanks for help

  5. bvg140567

    when i try to insert the flash button it tells me that xxx.swf is an invalid file name, can someone tell me how to fix it?

  6. aby1loy

    about the home buttons he just duplacated them to have more buttons for other links instead of doing the same work so many time 😉

  7. roubelladonna

    hey dude this might sound a bit ‘bimbo-ish’ but why did you do so many ‘home’ buttons…it’s confusing me?

    also, it took me about an hour to do this and you did it in six minutes!

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