Dreamweaver CS3 – Rollover Images

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12 thoughts on “Dreamweaver CS3 – Rollover Images

  1. acerza89

    what a waste, i feel sry 4 u guys, u cant freely move images in dreamwever, aaarrrhhh that is like buying a lambogini only u cant turn left or right

  2. xcakemix666x

    what thing should i save it as, if im just making a rollover image i want to upload to a site?, e.g. .jpg .vbs??
    thanks XD

  3. SadeshSewnath

    I would like to know how an roll over image can be used in an repeating region.
    Is there somebody out there that has an example code? Thanx in advance!

  4. Lanscor

    Hey thanks, but I can’t access my images. I saved them in the correct file on the correct drive and it appears in my files colounm on the right. However, when i try to find th image when creating a rollover image it isn’t there! What the hell is going on? Any help would be appreciated

  5. fanfoon29

    i really like your navigation bars, can you ever show us how to do styles like tgat? u dont have to show the same one just other examples if you can..

  6. ZeforceTutorials

    you can’t just simply move it around.if you want it to be placed somewhere else on the page it means you will just have to place it somewhere else in your layout. layouts can be a simple table or css.

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