Dreamweaver CS3 – Adding a Flash Movie (SWF) to a Webpage!

13 thoughts on “Dreamweaver CS3 – Adding a Flash Movie (SWF) to a Webpage!

  1. c0kar7

    how do you place a loop video in dreamweaver that encompasses the whole page without showing any playback buttons??

  2. say2saywhat

    can u pleasde help me out? when I upload it, it doesn’t ask me about the AC_ActiveContent.js file……. why is that? i think thats the reason why I can’t see my movie.

  3. TheGameVortex

    how do i change the language to english in dreamweaver Ctrl + u i go to the bottome and what one is english?

  4. goranification

    i have a problem mi SWF reprductor have troubles and i need to download it from a website please i need ur help!!!!!!

  5. hihosilverlining2

    Thank you very much from a COMPLETE beginner lol. I DID learn something. Something very useful 🙂

  6. RuthTierraResonante

    I already knew this, but, I have a question for you, I import as a streaming my .mov, and now in .swf on my webpage it starts everytime that I open or refresh the webpage (is in my index), and I want it to be stop and the users feel free to play it or not, ¿how can I do that? with AS, where do I have to colocate that AS on the flv?
    I hope I explain myself, my native language is spanish

  7. lebrandon713

    im using dreamweaver to create a webpage. how do you place a video loop that encompassses the whole screen?

  8. ZeforceTutorials

    Well, Make sure you uploaded the html page, swf file and javascript file it created. Also make sure you haven’t renamed, deleted or moved any of the files. Hope that helped.

  9. tumagnate

    having trouble with embedding swf file into dreamweaver. I can see video in the preview of both firefox and iexplore. but i dont see it on the webpage when i upload it to the server. can you help me out. pleaseeeeeee

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