Disturbed-“The Guy” Speed Painting by Jason Kwok

25 thoughts on “Disturbed-“The Guy” Speed Painting by Jason Kwok

  1. IsllayGirls

    @agustinkpo97 Ok, problemo solved!…I love this guy, been making pictures of him too that are not much worse than this…

  2. sodacan3

    @wolfielee11 COOL! I just love comics and graphic novels! What wil it be called and what will it be about?

  3. AngelSage731

    this is great! you got talent! u should repost with audio…if you give the credit, youtube will let you keep it

  4. gudalpesanz

    Why didn’t you put sound? This is too kick ass to ignore. Maybe I’ll do this with one of my art pieces. WOW!

  5. wolfielee11

    what software/program do u use to do these? im an aspiring artist and im working on a graphic novel soon but im afraid doing it all by hand is near impossible this day and age

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