Dev Derby February – working with touch events

It’s February and time for our next Dev Derby! Dev Derby is a part of Mozilla Developer Network (MDN), and each of them are focused on a certain technology where people can submit their demos.

This month, we want to see what you can do with touch events! If you need help to get started, we recommend reading more about touch events on MDN to know how they work and what you have available.


Android mobile device
Winner gets an Android mobile device from Motorola or Samsung.
Rickshaw laptop bag
Runner-up gets a hand-crafted laptop messenger bag from Rickshaw.
MDN t-shirt
3rd place gets a limited edition MDN t-shirt to show off their geek cred.

And as if that wasn’t enough, your demo will be showcased in Mozilla’s Demo Studio, and we would like to feature you in an article here on Mozilla Hacks as well!

Go for it!

Submit your demo now!

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