Designing a website in Photoshop CS4-Part 1

24 thoughts on “Designing a website in Photoshop CS4-Part 1

  1. pakt40

    Wow…… I Could barely make out what you were saying. You went around the world and contributed very little.

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  3. crasite

    @Elqno 800×600 screen user are rarely to be seen and 800×600 can’t really make a beautiful site 🙂

  4. PsPro1993

    Lol if hes says site it’s sonds like gite xD
    Funny accent, but however a nice tutorial xD

  5. Elqno

    width 1280?? if the user uses a 800×600 screen, what then? they will have to scroll horizontally…you should do the average of minimum screen size, which is 800×600, and fill the background e.g. with a nice gradient, so if any user has a bigger screen resolution, this person will see a nice bg, this works from what you see from the smallest screen res. to higher, but not in the other way…

  6. kac123ige2

    i dont… i think that guys voice is ugly as fuck too, but the fact that he could realize wtf it is makes me laugh hehe

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