Designing a Simple, Light Website in 1 Hour

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25 thoughts on “Designing a Simple, Light Website in 1 Hour

  1. Justus8928

    Yo frank ur rsvm vid are great and i wanted to kno if u could help me make my 1st rs vid get back at me asap ty

  2. MilkGotter

    It’s adobe photoshop (image manipulating software) you can buy it or get something just like it by google’ing “Gimp”

  3. maddawgmaso

    hey umm how do u get this program kinda dumb question but i wont to know lol plz send me a message and tell me


  4. Fantikerz

    CTRL+R for a ruler. Then, click on the ruler, and then while holding your mouse down, drag into your canvas.

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