Design Tutorial – Simple CSS Layout

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16 thoughts on “Design Tutorial – Simple CSS Layout

  1. zkei

    Dude im totally digging your videos man. serious you might think your typing is slow but it actually makes the learning process ten times easier to follow. Good job i love how you explain things in depth rather than most people do. looking forward to seeing some more advanced tutorials soon. good day Tom!

    p.s. you teach better than my internet lecturer! 😛

  2. kritikproduction1

    hey check my profile i
    Have three video on how to

    Make + Create + Code A Myspace Layout

    All links are on the videos

  3. Raylenfirestaff

    OMG I never ever ever wanted to pull my hair out watching a video before. I started laughing and had to watch the whole video over again! I love the part when the stoner keeps typeing screem instead of screen! LOL

  4. joeythegeek1942

    Great video. its good help for me, ive been wanting to get into web design and i didnt know that much about CSS except moving and recoloring text and “divs”. 5 stars

  5. dertyjerzian

    Thanks dude! One extra tip, the style sheet can be in other directories. For instance, if you have a directory aside your index.html called “images”, you can put you CSS sheet there. The code would then look link


    So, as you can see, it works like linking other filetypes 🙂

    Thanks Tom!

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