Design Tutorial 1 – Div Tags

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14 thoughts on “Design Tutorial 1 – Div Tags

  1. Clubfighter22

    Hey Tom ! A shout of thanks form an Aussie living in Tokyo trying to get his head around website building. Appreciate your help ! Keep up the great work.

  2. zkei

    i dunno why but this is the sweetest and most sincere tutorial i ever watched. It helps too that you are so articulate in all the terminology of html/css coding. thanks so much Tom your videos are helping me loads and i’m gonna watch the rest of them now! 😀 take care!

  3. dertyjerzian

    Someone’s voice is changing! How old are you Tom? Thanks for these vids man, I need some more advanced knowledge in coding. I’ve taken the initiative to learn to hand code html, and I can hac any template to suit my needs, but with the things you are sharing here, i’ll be able to do more 🙂 Sometimes it just takes a visual push.

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