Design Coding

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25 thoughts on “Design Coding

  1. Animalinstinct89

    Man, You should be my teacher on school. I will? be able to learn my study in 4 days instead of 4 f*cking years !!!

  2. Johnsonharris

    ­Its an amazing idea to put forth such information using both words and dance. A very creative effort that needs appreciation. Some good points to design a site. Thank you for the information.

  3. jamilyakassenova

    it’s a lot of info, and it’s so fast – who can remember anything? it’s a fun way to teach, but SLOWLY and ONE THING AT A TIME, please.

  4. proimsolution

    I’m always amazed at how incredible m0serous is! Great beats, and lyrics to match! The most creative way to teach!

  5. BAMFistheBMFT

    @peteyferris *Ahem* Coding is a real job… Code is in everything on your computer… It’s the core of the site you’re on right now… Your operating system is code… The images you save are code… Video games are coded… The 3D models used in games are codes… Everything on a computer can be broken down into code… No coders no more more advancement for the internet or computers themselves… Coding is a real job he’s just educating people in a fun way :3


  6. Imanemadian

    Youre the most talented man on earth, What you have done, i totally consider art. You have mixed the technical information with music with is awsome!!! You totally deserve an oscar for this piece of work!!! THIS IS FANTASTIC. keep it up man!!

  7. caperworld

    Fuckuuen RAP CRAP. Drop dead you reap shit ficken sluten fick kindergarden crap shitheads…….. Speak Nigerian or English!!!


    I been workin on my rap lyrics for a while. wanna hear it? it goes: Nigga Nigga Nigga nah nah Nigga Nigga Nigga nah Nigga Nigga Nigga dun dun Nigga Nigga Nigga im a gangsta and i shoot you in? yo face and steal yo money Nigga Nigga Nigga dun dun Nigga Nigga Nigga I rob a clerk Nigga because Im Black Nigga dun dun durp durpty dur. thats all i got so far

  9. zaboj666

    @SOUTHBOUNDTRAPBOYZ I am just sayng that I hate modern design and that modern designers look like fagets to me. I hate raperss allso and I shouldent be waching this shit aniway.

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