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  1. Webdesignireland

    @renatasiqueiravideos Yeah marcy is the business when it comes to good taste in video and audio, she is getting new head phones with the wireless so she can do the tube anywhere

    PS Call me if you require a Daslot free global search engine listing

  2. Webdesignireland

    @NatinhaSIQ Hello there Michael here, yeah was looking through the tube and found great song with the trance theme glad you liked plus marcy loved as well.

    Thanks for the comment
    have a great day

    ps are you listed on Daslot free global search engine

  3. marcyrak

    Sorry again little fiddling with copy and paste … went wrong a bit.
    ….. you’ve got two smilies
    but that is not so bad … I hope.
    I can not stop watching this Daslot video.
    Just love this music (???)
    Cheers ….Marcy ?

  4. Daslotwebmasters

    @marcyrak Hello there and thanks for sharing this information with Daslot, the staff here are very busy with the new search engine and many are using and listing all there web sites for front page searches. Next month the search engine comes out in the student magazine here in Ireland.
    So interesting times ahead

  5. marcyrak

    # 99 – Most Discussed (Today)) – Ireland
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    Today…..even better(???)
    Cheers ….Marcy ?
    Today ….even better (???)

  6. NatinhaSIQ

    @marcyrak my other channel…thanks again for share Cris… great job… and I liked this song! congratulations Michael!

  7. Daslotwebmasters

    @MCC052009 Thanks for the nice comments going to bed now but will come back and complete this

  8. marcyrak

    @Daslotwebmasters Always glad to hear that….Looking good….these are magic words……tomorrow will be even better …..i am sure.
    Cheers and have nice dreams about Das Lot

  9. MCC052009

    @Daslotwebmasters Michael … my latino video, who make “blood boil” are much more beautiful with the pictures taken at the site Daslot.com. Several Brazilian friends already use its search engine in this research. Congratulations once again … Cris

  10. marcyrak

    @MCC052009 Dear Cris Thank you…….You put me to high as a best designer…..
    but i am doing my best to be a good friend.
    How can i not be….when I am surround with you dear people.
    Kiss for Cris

  11. MCC052009

    @Daslotwebmasters Hahahaha!! You is great, Michael … a great friend. Wait for new Latin sounds. I’m sure you’ll like it. Kiss for you. Cris

  12. MCC052009

    @marcyrak I recently told some friends who would sell the TVs in my house.
    Simply because my leisure time, were too busy to see wonderful videos here on YT.
    I like good works … beautiful creations.
    Only I must tell you, Michael, who you found in Marcella, our great friend, the biggest and best designer to run the marketing project for your company.
    Congratulations to you! Congratulations to Marcella! Success for Daslot!
    Hugs from Brazil.

  13. Daslotwebmasters

    @marycrikka Well hey , this credit and credits goes to my Dutch friend who lives in Holland. Taking part is this project has just brought light to the whole subject of Sharing. Thanks for the nice comment Chris, but still tring to get over the last video from you.

    Not that I take cold showsers to often, but watching your i have no choice.



    PS Where is the love, well I can tell you its in the latin video’s

  14. marycrikka

    @marcyrak Michael … I renew my congratulations to you and your fabulous new development. His company is a fantastic instrument of public utility. Feel proud to help people worldwide to solve their problems … or find happiness. A big hug with my sincere wishes for success and success. Cris

  15. marcyrak

    #21 – Meest besproken (Vandaag)) – Zo-doe-je-dat en stijl – Ierland
    #8 – Meest aan favorieten toegevoegd (Vandaag)) – Zo-doe-je-dat en stijl – Ierland
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    #47 – Hoogst beoordeeld (Deze week)) – Zo-doe-je-dat en stijl – Ierland
    Marcy ?

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