custom fields introductory lesson

8 thoughts on “custom fields introductory lesson

  1. vsellis

    Definitely possible, just has to be coded correctly and I’m not sure this would be the best approach for a category but you could definitely use this on a post-level or page-level to control the header.

  2. vsellis

    Jen, Glad this was useful to you. I strive to make things as easy to understand as possible so I really appreciate the feedback.

  3. j3n619

    You’re great at giving tutorials!
    You get right to the point and you speak clearly.
    So rare nowadays.

    Thanks for your help!!!


  4. thepodcastersstudio

    Can you do this with the header? I would like a different header to appear either in one category or if that isnt possible, on posts only within that category.

    So can I post a different header image for a single post?



  5. vsellis

    Karlenex1 – Looks like I need to check in a little more often here, sorry I missed your comment for so long. Are you referring to my other video on using sort order for page navigation?

  6. karlenex1

    Hello Vsellis

    You just sorted one of my problems I have been trying to work out for days, ordering my pages. Thanks a lot.

    I would like to ask a question on menus.
    Do you have to use the menu in the theme or can you create your own menus.

  7. RitvarLegend

    custom fields always work great, i done a complex magazine theme with custom fields and loop hacking

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