Custom 3D Perspective Boxes in Fireworks CS3 + CS4 Tutorial

24 thoughts on “Custom 3D Perspective Boxes in Fireworks CS3 + CS4 Tutorial

  1. TutoriaIsGoneBad

    where did you get the pictrures did you make them? and when i went on google to find pictures for me i got some but when i put them on my 3D block thingy it shows white anywhere that i put them on the block how do i get it to go normal like yours and if this doesnt make scense to you what i just said tell me and ill take a picture or something. Thanks

  2. TechWizard4U

    hoping if you could help me on creating similiar graphics to your builder, mainly the hands on the person as i would exp

  3. liuks2jessica


    Very good tutorial

    I am Brazilian and can not usually understand very well English,
    entedi perfectly!


  4. williamhobson62

    @Colbys1337vids try making the text a imege by making a new page, making the text you want, then coppying it. 🙂

  5. Colbys1337vids

    Hey, im trying to do this, but when im making my emblem, i make the square and put the text inside of it with a text box, but when i drag the square, the square moves but not the text. Help please

  6. cyguns

    hi, love your tutorials,
    Is there any way I can contact you via PM or anything,
    I have also joined your website but still couldn’t find nay way to reach you,
    Please tell me any way ,
    Thank you

  7. Joomla12

    They’re not hard to find. You can get Tux from almost any Google search and the Fl can be found on DeviantArt.

  8. Captnuendo

    the flash icon you would have to create it. You can download ‘stock’ photos from various stock exchange websites.

  9. Captnuendo

    fireworks cs4 does kinda suck but fireworks in general does not suck. I prefer cs3. I have problems using my Knife tool.

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