CSS Tutorial to build your own CSS website – Part 1

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15 thoughts on “CSS Tutorial to build your own CSS website – Part 1

  1. shanna1950

    No DOCTYPE?? so it won’t validate! – font-family: it’s good practise to put in at least 3 fonts, including a generic font like serif/sans-serif. why don’t you use an external stylesheet and link it to all pages?

  2. mangoprojects

    An alright tutorial. If the audio volume wasn’t so low and muddy, this tutorial would be great. Anyway, thank you. -behindvfx

  3. vonflyhighace2

    well you guys can try Microsoft web Developer Express edition. Its free and its basically a dream weaver clone.

  4. asji1000

    dear true i made as u r making but its not working as ur webpage working showing rights but i made but its not showing footer header so wht i do im using notepad ++

  5. asji1000

    thanx very much do you have more part of tutorial n i have notepad ++ but its not working for css programm and i have no requirement for dreamweaver cs3 i have 512 Ram and 2.40GHz but it will not work i tink so so plz another software work bettter as dreamweaver cs3 working gr8 plz tell me i will be thankful to you man

  6. Boricua4Christ

    Are you using a program or a note pad .. my note pad does not have the side panel that you have in this video.

  7. outerlimitsuk

    thank you for the tut. would be great if ext time u put a little closer so we can see the code better tk you

  8. trueblue55

    Hi Antzzz111, for this video i was using the code view of Dreamweaver CS3. Normally i would use notepad for the videos, but dreamweaver has the advantage of allowing me to switch to the design view to show what the changes do to the actual page itself.

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