CSS Tutorial Pt 4 – Creating Boxes

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24 thoughts on “CSS Tutorial Pt 4 – Creating Boxes

  1. rune500125

    only 1 thing…. MAKE MORE VIDEOS!! no one makes videos as clear and good as you. i used to make html pages but everything was always on the left and they looked bad but they always look profesional and good now.

    thanks for the awsome videos!

  2. probowler94

    When specifying margins, you do not have to give all four (top, bottom, left, right) when they are the same value. Instead of using “margin: 5px 5px 5px 5px,” you could have just specified “margin: 5px.”

  3. collmydog

    this is when the girls get the hands on it.
    That is excellent for beginners, nice explaining and wary nice work.
    You should get paid for this what i do 🙂

  4. shakaama

    lisa how i been following you for like 2 years under your lisa account and never realized you had this acount too /sigh i’m slow

  5. ntje2005

    Shortcut note: When you are adding hex colors in your style sheet, if it is the same letter or number (example #FFFFFF)- you can just add the first three characters (example #FFF) and it will have the same effect! Saves me time.

  6. asji1000

    wow nice i think she is lisa she look like lisa but not confirm tht who is she anyway whether ur lisa or another nice video keep it up

  7. wuddlknuddel

    very very good and understandable tutorial!


    if you want a padding with 5 px each side you only need to type:

    padding: 5px

    because if it only gets 1 number it automatically takes it for the other sides too!

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